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You Can Profit From Our Experience September 13, 2010
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Reduce your Energy costs with Sure Flow Energy
Reduce Administrative Cost with Admin On Call

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Changing the Financial Set Point of Your Imaging Center

I am happy to announce our new program to help  you  improve your imaging center's cost reduction  and revenue generation efforts in light of the drastic changes in reimbursement that are a part of the Patients Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).  As a result of ACA, the Medicare technical component will be reduced by 38% by 2013 which clearly means that if you want to continue to operate your imaging center business you must think about and implement cost reductions and revenue improvements above and beyond the changes that you made to prepare for the impact of the Deficit Reduction Act in 2007.

Basically we believe that it's time to look at your business differently.   We think it's time to change the financial set point for your imaging operation by using new approaches to control or reduce cost.  To support this important change in the way you need to  look at your business we have assembled a collection of ideas and approaches for you to consider as you work to reduce your costs of operation over the next two years.

 Every two weeks for the next few months we will share  new services and new approaches to imaging center operation that can improve your revenue and cost profile.  Each issue will contain a couple of ideas for cost improvement or revenue enhancement for you to consider.  If one of these ideas interests you simply click through to the company that can provide the service that you need. 

 If you have thoughts you would like to share drop us an e-mail.  As always, we look forward to hearing from you.


 All the Best!


 Imaging Center Energy Savings - An Important Consideration 
Energy costs are a significant expense in the operation of an imaging center.   An excellent way to reduce this monthly expense is to consult with an energy procurement specialist, who can help you secure the best pricing and terms for your electricity and natural gas supply needs while continuing to have the benefit of customer service and meter reading from your current local utility provider. Although it varies depending on many different factors, customers have seen savings from 5% to 20% on their supply charges.

electirc meter


We are happy to recommend Sure Flow Energy Services to assist in acquiring this potential cost savings for your organization.  Using their service is one of easiest and most efficient cost savings processes that you will encounter in the energy procurement industry.  The process is simple. Once you consult with one of Sure Flow's procurement specialists, they will request that you provide them with the last 12 month history of billing for your organization in order to determine you annual usage and the current rate that you are paying.


Once all of this information is compiled your procurement specialist will enter it into Sure Flow's unique bidding process in an effort to secure the best rate and most favorable terms for your energy supply needs.  

Click here to get a quote from Sure Flow Energy!   

Pay for Administrative Support Only When You Need It.


Imaging centers constantly feel the squeeze of reduced reimbursements and high operating costs.  You are left to explore ways to reduce costs wherever possible. One area to examine is your administrative support services - those folks providing tasks such as typing, marketing mailings, phone calls, creating spreadsheets, maintaining databases, and analyzing data.  The answer is not hiring a temp; you're still paying for the search, the training, the down time, the breaks.  And the answer is not doing it yourself.  Even with the reduced staffing levels that we see in imaging centers across the country you still have to perform all of the business functions for your organization.  You still must promote, maintain, grow and manage your business.   


According to, a decent administrative assistant can easily cost as much as $46,000 a year (depending on geographic location and skill set) including social security contributions, benefits, insurance, office space and equipment. And this does not

include the time, effortmedical secretary and money it takes to find that someone
with the proper skill set who will fit into your organization.  Why not tap into a pool of specialized talent and pay for administrative services only as you need them? With the explosion of the internet, many new industries have sprouted and some, like the Virtual Assistant Industry, are revolutionizing the way business is delivered across the globe. Virtual assistants are often experts in their areas whether it is secretarial work, meeting planning, marketing, media journalism or data analysis to name a few.


Admin On Call, LLC, a US based company, provides expert virtual administrative services such as word processing, data analysis, database management and other office project assistance.  Their website allows access to services around the clock across the country at a fraction of what it costs to employ an administrative professional. The premise is very basic - only pay for services as you need them.  Take advantage of this great service to meet your special administrative support needs.


Click here to learn more and save an additional 10% on your first order!



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